Have you experienced being flooded when a typhoon or a strong storm hits your area? Or have you experienced flooding in your flooring as a result of water that is leaking through the ceiling? There is really nothing more frustrating than seeing your carpet flooded. The fact is that it is an emergency situation that you will have to  act fast; in the way, you still can save your flooded carpet and potentially salvage it.

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It is essential that you will remain calm, and set your focus into getting things straight. When you get hysterical about the condition of the flooded carpet, then precious time will be lost and that there will be less chance in the matter of saving your carpet at home.

How To Save Flooded Carpets

By Carpet Cleaning Kings

If your carpet doesn’t dry quickly enough you’ll end up with wrinkles or bubbles in the carpet that are evidence that the backing has indeed come apart from the carpet in those areas. In the worse care scenario, the tufts of your carpet can be pulled out easily, since there’s nothing there to hold them in place.

With flooded carpets it’s important to remove surface water as quickly as possible and pull back the carpet to get the dryers on to it. You may find the underlay has been trashed, but if you can get the carpet dry, it may be possible to save it. A tip here is to remove all the furniture and then starting from a corner of the room pull back the carpet wearing a pair of gloves and users pliers.

We recommend at this point that you call out an emergency flood water professional or start to extract the water yourself with a wet and dry vacuum. Meanwhile be sure to remove any electronics and personal belongings from the room. The carpet should be pulled off the tack strips so the air can get to it once the excess water has been removed. Do not be tempted to cut the carpet away as it will be difficult to seam it back together and it won’t look pretty.

Once the carpet is dry you may have to replace the pad beneath it, but most times the carpet will be able to be stretched back into position on the tack strips. If you have more extensive damage to your floors or walls then you’ll need to call in the insurance company in order to get some estimates for repairing the damage. Read more here…

For every carpet disaster that you are facing at home, you must remain calm, as there will be restoration company that are willing to assist you with it. All that you have to do is be familiar about those companies that will provide high quality kind of service. Choosing the right company is an essential aspect in making sure that the right kind of outcome will happen for your carpet.

Elite Carpet Cleaning Rescues Rug Disaster

Having received no joy from the original carpet cleaner, Mrs de Lorenzo called Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning and spoke with Adelaide franchisee Tom Peck. Tom Peck’s restoration process consisted of drying the sticky sodden rug first, then returning to clean and sanitise.

“It smelt beautiful – although as Tom explained, what he’d done was not cover the smell but remove it properly – and it looks as good as new,” Mrs de Lorenzo said.“I’m so glad I thought to try Elite Carpet Cleaning. The number is now programmed into my phone – it really was a fantastic service.”

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning professionals are trained and experienced in best practice techniques for rugs, carpets and fabric upholstery for residential and commercial settings. Further info from the original article here: http://elite.com.au/news/elite-carpet-cleaning-rescues-rug-disaster/.

A good carpet restoration company will assess the extent of the damage, and will tell you about the realities that you need to tackle with respect to you flooded carpet. You will have to ensure that you are going to get the right information, such that you can decide rationally based on the info shared to you. Thus, never hesitate to have a reliable company get you through such unfortunate circumstances.

Image Credits: http://berkshirefacilitiesservices.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Carpet-Cleaning.jpg.