When you are going to shop for a carpet that you can install at home, you must first ask yourself if the carpet is easy to clean.  It is important that you choose an easy to clean carpet, especially when you are so busy with your day to day activities and you have no ample time in doing regular cleaning. An easy to clean carpet are those that are made from nylon based material and are certainly engineered for the best protection from stains. These carpets do have repel technology when it comes to spillage.

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With such repel technology applied at the mill of the carpet, then you will see that each fiber of the carpet is really protected. Thus, there is that total stain as well as soil protection. And that you will never have to worry about stains seeping in your carpet, as they can be cleaned in a breeze.

The Easiest Carpet On The Planet To Clean

But, we’re all human. If someone does spill something, the remedy is straightforward and stress-free. Simply remove dried-in substances with a spoon or the back of a knife, then simply brush or vacuum out. If it’s a liquid, immediately blot up as much as possible with absorbent white cloth then treat the stain with lukewarm water. Blot up the liquid with absorbent white cloth or paper.

In addition to ‘Requires limited effort to clean’, the Serenity Collection’s Triexta-based Arcadia and Eden ranges and the Triexta Soft-based Elysium and Utopia carpets feature the glorious phrase: ‘This product has been manufactured with components that repel, limit or alleviate the appearance of stains’.

That means the carpets have been made with DualShield protection, a Choices Flooring exclusive built-in, permanent stain and soil protection that is impossible to wash off. DualShield is an advanced nanotechnology that creates a spill and soil barrier on each fibre, repelling dirt and spills so they do not turn into stains. Simply put, nothing gets through. Everything sits on top ready for a quick brush over with the vacuum cleaner.

So, when the kids spill their drinks or the dog runs through the house after playing in the mud outside, you can be assured that the clean-up time is short and sweet and your carpet will look like brand new again in the blink of an eye. Perfection.

To get further elucidation about this technology in carpets, visit the original article at http://www.choicesflooring.com.au/blog/easiest-carpet-on-the-planet-to-clean/.

Thus, when you are able to purchase an easy to clean carpet, then you will surely not suffer from any moulds and mildew breakouts at home. Yet, if for some instances there will be moulds developing in your carpet, you must always understand that using bleach is never the safest and best way to eradicate the moulds. In fact, it can even harm your carpet for that matter.

Why You Should Never Use Bleach To Clean Mould!


Small patches of mould can be effectively treated with one of the two safe, readily available solutions:

In both cases, mix the solution in an atomising spray bottle and liberally apply it to the affected area. In 20 minutes, lightly sponge off the mould with warm water.

What if there is a still a mark after I kill the mould?

The tea tree oil or vinegar will kill the mould but the mould may discolour porous material such as gyprock. To remove the discolouration you may need to use more aggressive cleaning methods or paint over the remaining stain.

What if I have a major mould issue?

If the mould affected area is bigger than 1 square metre, then it’s probable the mould is also growing in hard to reach places like wall cavities.

When you come across a major mould issue, we recommend calling a professional mould remediator. Electrodry offers a safe, quickly and highly effective service that’s perfect for cases of significant mould contamination. Read more here…

Thus, always see to it that you are using the best products when you are cleaning your carpet so that you will not add further damage to it. It is a must that you are knowledgeable and that you fully understand the details about keeping your carpet clean all the time.

Image Credits: http://gncarpetcleaning.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Carpet-Cleaning-Leic-Solutions3.jpg.