Your carpet at home is one that is prone to spillage, accumulation of dirt, and trappings of dust. It is essential that you deal with all these things, so that you will not come to a point where mildew and mold are growing into your carpet. Certainly, the presence of such will predispose your family to health risks as well. That is why, you need to search for a carpet cleaning service that you can depend on, so that the beauty of your carpet is properly maintained as they should always be.

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While there may be DIY means in removing the dirt that are present in your carpet, you are not always assured that these DIY techniques can thoroughly get rid of the dirt. Even if you plan on vacuuming your carpet, you will also not be able to fully clean it especially if your vacuum doesn’t have that high efficiency.

Gearing Up For A Mouldy Season In Australia’s Sub Tropics

“Mildew loves closed, dark places. It loves organic food – even dust! – and it stays active in environments with at least 60% humidity,” Steve says.

Generally the more porous the surface, the harder it is to get rid of mold or mildew permanently. Non-porous surfaces like hard plastics may just need a wipe while furnishing fabrics benefit from professional attention.

While there’s plenty of D-I-Y advice on removing mildew and mold from upholstery, amateur attempts with rubbing alcohol or bleach risk more damage – and potentially ruined furniture.

And if you’re trying to vacuum it up and don’t have a good HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arrestance) filter built in, you could be making the problem worse by spreading the spores around – that’s a real health issue if members of your family are susceptible to allergies. Read here…

Maintaining the beauty of your carpet is really a tough job, and it gets even tougher in times where you plan  on having parties at home. It certainly can’t be helped that spillage of various kinds of drinks, as well as foods, plus the fact that guests just come and go in side of your house will surely put you to a test. Yet, there are practical means that you can employ so that you can still somehow lessen the impact of the dirt and damages that may happen on your carpet.

Grand Final Spills!

  1. Be prepared! Have a good clean up before the party even starts. Don’t forget to unpack the dishwasher and put fresh liners in the bin – both receptacles will be full again before you know it!
  1. Set up a cleaning station. A host/hostess running around frantically looking for a mop mid party is not a good look. Have paper towels, wet wipes and a dust pan and brush ready to go – that way you can calmly clean up any must-tend-to-immediately messes calmly and discreetly.
  1. Serve bite sized non-messy food – that way guests can pop it in their mouths without it landing on your carpet. Hold the sauce too, stick to ‘drier’ morsels.

Talking carpets; any liquid spills must be blotted up with paper towels immediately to prevent spreading. Solid spills can be carefully scraped up with a spoon. Post party, book in for a professional clean. Full details here:

At the end of the day, it pays that you will be cautious in all matters regarding your carpet when you want that it can last long. It is always essential that you pay attention to your home investments such as your carpet, so that you can lengthen its use, and thus will keep you away from having your floors re-carpeted again.

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